New single Vertigo by Seven Saturdays

2018-05-10 05:44:38 UTC


"Composer Jonathan Haskell released his first batch of ambient instrumental music under the Seven Saturdays name eight years ago, and in various incarnations he’s been coaxing cinematic marvels of his Rhodes ever since. His last official Seven Saturdays release was five years ago, but in collaboration with two singer-songwriters, he has released music under the names POLLA (with Zoe-Ruth Erwin of Little Red Lung) and Glasz (with Jim Evens of Helen Stellar). Both of them have guested on Seven Saturdays releases, too, so it gets confusing. But suffice to say that if Haskell has a chewy center as a composer, it would be in the instrumental music like on his first EP.

Seven Saturdays lives again, today releasing the new single “Vertigo” — but even in doing so he enjoys an almost-incidental contribution from one of his collaborators. There are two versions of the new single, one instrumental and one with vocals from ZÖE (Erwin’s new nom de tune). Both are equally stunning.

“I initially set out to make a record that sounded like ‘A Beautiful Day’ [a song from the first EP] because musically, that’s the space where I’ve always felt the most free and inspired,” Haskell explains. “Since the last official Seven Saturdays release, I’d been focusing on other projects. … It had become a fun experiment to collaborate full time, but after a while, I started to want to return to form and explore the depths of instrumental music again.”

Working with producer Steve Kaye (Sunking Studios) and utilizing the talents of drummer Chris Allis and bassist Keith Joyner, Haskell finished the 6-minute instrumental. But funny things happen when you share work with friends, right? Especially when they happen to be living in Iceland with a studio handy.

“Upon hearing the final version, Zoe offered to sing on it as a trial. Just to see,” Haskell says. “And of course when she sent the tracks back from her studio in Iceland, the song was transformed into something entirely new. Something that I never could have imagined and only she could have done. Zoe is one of the most creative people I’ve ever met, and her vocals have this otherworldly quality to them that’s hard to describe.”

So, Haskell says, “I decided to put both out as the single “Vertigo’ — one featuring Zoe, and [the other] as the original instrumental as it was first dreamt. Everybody wins.”"

From Buzzbands, by Kevin Bronson

Genre : electronic-rock, dream-pop, Rhodes

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New single The Rules of Attraction by I Know You Know

2018-05-10 05:34:54 UTC

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'I Know You Know' is an indie rock band based in Sydney, Australia. Formed in late 2017, the band consists of singer and songwriter Alex Toh, guitarist Sam Aylward, bassist Love Ernving and drummer Gerardo Torres.

Drawing from influences like Arctic Monkeys, Blur, The Cribs and other bands from the golden age of Britpop, punk and the garage-rock revival, 'I Know You Know' deliver a special blend of retro-inspired pop punk sounds with lyrics examining the millennial facade of the modern age.

'The Rules of Attraction' is the guitar-driven and melodically supercharged debut single from Sydney-based rock band 'I Know You Know'. The head bobbing rhythm combined with the instantly approachable melodies propels the song from start to finish like a roller coaster complete with just the right number of jolts and turns.

The lyrics capture the mundaneness of the modern age and yearning for a more extraordinary life. The wry lines are delivered with raw honesty, while the chorus provides the sense of hope in realizing our dreams, topped off with a cathartic outro.

"When I wrote 'The Rules of Attraction' I wanted to synthesize some of my strongest and most influential memories of the good times when I was a kid. I wanted to capture that feeling of playing an old video game or watching your favorite music video on a Saturday morning. Of meeting up with your friends in the late afternoon and driving around all night.

I wanted to channel the zeitgeist of possibility, imagination and of the carefree times of the youthful days. When something so simple as a game, or the opening bars of a song could immediately grab your attention and make you start imagining things. When your imagination could transport you to another world, or take you on a wild adventure, and then make your heart melt when you finished it, only to realize you were still sitting in the living room with your friends all along. I felt 'The Rules of Attraction' summed all of this up for me and I'm pleased to have it out as the band's debut single."

Genre : ock, alternative, pop, guitar, indie, rock, Sydney

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New single Superficial Feeling by Written Years

2018-05-10 05:26:56 UTC

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The SirensSound presents Written Years and their brand new single "Superficial Feeling". 

"During the lengthy recording process behind our forthcoming release, I experienced a sudden and inexplicable speech loss – rendering me unable to talk for months. Throughout the steep climb in getting my voice back, I began working in near-isolation on a batch of new material.

The band enlisted producer Ryan Worsley (Dear Rouge, Said The Whale) to help us reach new ground. Our debut single, “Lost In You Now,” was released in early 2018 and we filmed an accompanying DIY video/pseudo-documentary in support of the single. The music video centered around an eccentric character named Kevin and his personal struggle to find acceptance in doing what he loves. His resistance to the norm and to criticism embodied the challenges we faced in creating our new material.

Our sophomore single, “Superficial Feeling,” was mixed by Jason “JVP” VanPoederooyen (Mother Mother, illScarlett) and really feels like something special to me. It feels like the next step for us – for Written Years. It’s a corrupt, little 2AM love song about finding yourself in this strange world. "

Genre : indie

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New album pulling teeth by The Giant Peach

2018-05-09 04:05:17 UTC


The Giant Peach is an indie-art rock band from Middlebury VT. Their music captures a bitter-sweetness wrestled into songs late at night. United from disparate backgrounds in folk, blues, and jazz, the members of The Giant Peach came together to render these tales of stubborn love, mistakes, and repeated carelessness with a cutting honesty and an unexpected joy.

Pulling Teeth came about as easily as the title might imply. These songs were written over the course of a tumultuous and ultimately terminal romance, captured moments of the un-tempered excitement of first love – and its eventual loss. In a soft-spoken earnestness that cuts through swelling horn lines and crackling guitars, Pulling Teeth tells of the inevitable loss of innocence that accompanies lost love.

"It's a collection of songs that I wrote over the course of my first relationship and at its end," explains songwriter and frontman Harrison Wood Hsiang. "There's a lot of doubt in these songs -- questioning your past wants and actions, questioning your beliefs as your overturn them one by one by letting people down and being let down, and ultimately questioning the kind of person that you are."

"My best friend Max Shashoua and I came together to give these songs a final form. You know the gist of this already -- we recorded the whole thing in my dorm room with an SM57, a fact we're proud of, especially given how often people praise the quality of the recording these days. Maybe a fun story; we actually recorded the whole thing twice. The first time it just wasn't working. Max and I were still figuring out the details of the arrangements and the shape of the record as a whole, and as that became clearer we realized that we needed to do it properly and do it over again. So over the course of a weekend, we re-recorded the entire record (save "Coats," which we tracked live at Meadowlark Studios)."

"My longtime songwriting hero, Jasper Sloan Yip, lends his vocals to the first track, "Want." He and I connected after I covered one of his songs and he's acted as a real friend and mentor to me ever since. The first show Max and I played together, pre-Peach, was acting as Jasper's backup band."

Genre : indie

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Dream Reader by FRANKIIE

2018-05-09 03:53:36 UTC

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"“Dream Reader” is a fairytale. Set in the subconscious mind of a girl lost in her pursuit of revenge, the video represents the will to detach from oneself – thought you cannot escape the person you will ultimately become.

“Dream Reader” was written around a series of dreams I’d had while the band was feeling directionless. I was struggling to maintain my belief in the importance of creating music and our ambitions as a group. These dreams of drowning, stranded horses, and flying janky planes kept coming. I looked a few up in a dream dictionary and found that many of them were about new beginnings, emotional rebirth. After writing this song and finishing it off with the band, I began to feel inspired again. Whenever we create new music together, it seems to light me up.

"The video is a loop, and absurd like a dream. She finds herself as both the one on a wild ride, and the one on an obvious mission. I think this loop of confusion and clarity is one that I cycle through often, and sometimes we do together as a band" - Nashlyn Lloyd

Genre : rock, dream-rock, shoegaze

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A combination of retro aesthetics, enduring lyrics and alt-rock grit. The best music happens when artists refuse to remain stuck in their own comfort zones and creative boxes. Whenever this happens, they are free to give full range to their vision, and they can really come up with something that’s groundbreaking and personable. This is certainly the case here with Tommy Red and his brand new EP release, “I Wanna Be Exploited.”


Dream within a Dream by Marva Von Theo

Marva Von Theo is an Electropop / Synthwave duo formed in 2016 by the Athens-based singer-songwriter Marva Voulgari and the Vienna-based composer-producer Theo Foinidis. Their Debut Album “Dream within a Dream” was released early in 2018. The 12 songs on their Album, lean towards an electronic sound that incorporates a variety of influences ranging from the music of the 80’s until today. Darkwave sounds, Jazz harmonies, Rock and Dance drum beats resonate together and mature into something darkly romantic.



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