Review for Calm Before the Dawn by brokencompass

2018-04-30 05:06:33 UTC


brokencompass has just released a highly-anticipated album named “Calm Before The Dawn”.

This new album features an eclectic and dynamic collection of songs that showcases the band member’s seasoned skill and expertise.

The first track on the album “Elevators” starts off with ambient and atmospheric sounds that evoke a gathering storm. The guitar intro is intricate, expressive, and full of color and life.

The song gradually builds and breaks out in a classic post-rock dynamic, which is reminiscent of artists as diverse Mogwai, Minus The Bear, and Russian Circles, just to mention a few.

At the close of “Elevators” the composition develops further with distinctive metal vibes, which enable the listeners to slowly get lost in the complex texture of the music.

“Snake Charmer” kicks off with engrossing guitar sounds and a psychedelic vibe that immediately draws you in. This track has an energetic retro twist, which almost echoes back to artists as diverse as Mission of Burma, or The Beatles, while retaining a strong post-rock identity.

This is one of the most remarkable songs on the album because it is very visually immersive and emotionally visceral. This song has a cinematic quality that could be at home in an indie film. This great visceral spirit reminds me of the emotional poignancy of artist such as This Will Destroy You or Explosions In The Sky.

“Dollhouse Mystery” finishes off the album perfectly with a more somber, introspective and slow building offering from brokencompass. The offbeat and laid-back energy of this song is reminiscent of influential bands such as This Town Needs Guns and Karate, to name but a few.

After listening to the entire album and reflecting on the many genres and influences that are at the heart of brokencompass’s music, the diverse and wide- ranging scope of these compositions really stands out. This is exactly that kind of album that feels organic and direct, much like the true sound of a band, playing live in a room together, and feeding off of each musician’s dynamics and feel.

Track List

  • Elevators - 04:45 
  • Cities in the Grass - 05:05 
  • Blazing a Trail Without a Flashlight - 01:06 
  • Snake Charmer - 03:39 
  • The Flood - 02:24 
  • It's a Long, Cold Winter at the End of the World - 04:51 
  • Dawn Approaches on the Island of Misfit Toys - 05:28 
  • Dollhouse Mystery - 05:23

Genre : math-rock, post-rock

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New video Método by Par

2018-04-29 05:16:53 UTC


Par presents Método, a video from his latest studio album Arq (2016)

Par is the project of Nacho Adda (Montevideo, 1983) focused on conceiving spaces and concepts with electronic music. Par has 3 studio albums, 2 EP and 3 remixes albums with 4 nominations to the Uruguayan Music Graffiti Awards as well as soundtracks for several short films and drama plays

Him: Johonny Rodríguez

Made by: Flavia Quartino, Florencia Lamas, Adrián Nogueira, Román Benvenuto y Johanna Silveira

Color grading: Sebastián Vázquez

Thanks to: Crazy Horse, Francesca Quartino, Manuel Rilla (and the night)

"Método exists in the edge, between sleep and wakefulness, between life and death, between being alone and being among others, between day and night. It is loving the night, the state in which everyone descends into their own world, into their idiocy, their oniric dialogue with the deceased. Nameless sleepers, apolitical, illogical, sleeping we descend into Hades under the city. At night, the man shines a light for himself. In private, he gives up on the common, he sleeps, he imagines, he turns to one side and another, he dreams. Everyone to themselves, no one for the city."


Genre : electronic

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New album REMISE EN BOUCHE by lola de la mata

2018-04-29 04:50:38 UTC

Album cover grey text 768x768

Lola de la mata (b.1991) is a london based artist, musician, and composer whose practice focuses around the body, collaboration and listening. Lola’s work ranges from monotypes and graphic scores, to installations and compositions for movement, voice, electronics and classical instruments. lola is the organiser behind the interdisciplinary artist group ‘parallel praxis’, which seeks to support and develop process and individual practice, to provide a wider network, and promote collaboration.

REMISE EN BOUCHE, which translates as palate cleanser, or in the mouth, is both an act of refreshment for the ears, and a commentary on the misogyny women experience in the creative industries.

The album combines field recordings, classical rifts, untrained voice, violin, and transformed feedback noise. the layers co exist, tangle, overlap, to form a textured sonic world, full of movement, with sounds appearing and receding into dark voids. Everything you hear in this album was generated acoustically either with instrumentation or concrete sound sources.

Track List

  • lola de la mata - REMISE EN BOUCHE - Prelude
  • lola de la mata - REMISE EN BOUCHE - Landscape
  • lola de la mata - REMISE EN BOUCHE - Remise en Bouche (Palate Cleanser)

Genre : experimental

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New album Narrow Escape by The Orchestra Of Mirrored Reflections

2018-04-27 06:01:09 UTC

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The Orchestra Of Mirrored Reflections  plays deep and touching music, smooth dark jazz, ambient, neoclassical, for your dreams. The Orchestra Of Mirrored Reflections is an ensemble originated in Benares, India, formed around writer/producer and multi-instrumentalist Jol Tai - who had heard this music while he was staying at Manikarnika Ghat - The place of cremation - the holy place in India, thinking of love death and beauty - sharpening the skills of self awareness and acceptation of all, along with his music skills, inspired by amazing improvised music - free form of existence. Later, when he came back to Ukraine - he gained access to different music tools and that's how it started.

Track List

1.Dissociative Fugue 06:31

2.Narrow Escape 08:16

3.Marvelous Journey 10:19

4.Le Printemps arrive dans l'Hémisphère Nord 03:25

5.Stay Low 05:52

6.Fire Burns Brighter In The Dark 07:05

7.ton.ko vs. Jol Tai - You Know (bonus) 03:55

Genre : jazz, low, rock, ambient, dark, darkjazz, frequency, future, meditation, noir, post-jazz, psychedelic

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New album Chasing the Path by grej

2018-04-26 05:23:03 UTC

Unnamed %281%29

grej is the solo project and performing pseudonym of Greg Harrison, a Canadian-based percussionist from Fredericton, NB. He has produced works for Toronto Dance Theatre, Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre, Form CDT, Morris Palter, and Division 85 Films. His work and performances have been described as “rich & curiously cool landscapes”, “sensitive, sophisticated & powerful” and “transfixing”. Specializing in classical minimalism and electronic music, grej seeks to merge these worlds to create truly unique sounds, rhythms, and textures.

 Chasing the Path was commissioned by Hanna Kiel (Human Body Expression) and was presented under the same title by DanceWorks in March 2018 in Toronto, Ont. The piece investigates the beauty and pain of memory.

Grej explores the relationship between classical/contemporary music with electronic sound design. Starting from a pure acoustic world featuring piano, cello, percussion and organ, the thematic material journeys through various stages of distortion and manipulation until reaching a cryptic synth-driven climax.

Track List

  • Chasing the Path - 13:56 
  • Debut Sea - 03:39 
  • Pipe Dream I - 04:44 
  • Pipe Dream II - 05:23 
  • Abandoned Room I- : pulsae - 05:33 
  • Abandoned Room II- : wallless - 03:18 
  • Abandoned Room III- : face it - 02:42 
  • Track-ing - 05:45 
  • Tracing - 02:28 
  • Rewind - 05:08 
  • Cadence For Her - 07:11

Genre : experimental, classical, contemporary, electronic, film, music, indie, minimal, minimalist, percussion, pop, Toronto

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