New single Remember Now by Goodnight, Sunrise

2017-11-27 06:45:33 UTC


"Remember Now is a hopeful song that came out of a time of despair - David (guitar/vocals) and Vanessa (keytar/vocals) started the band 6 years ago as best friends, found Paul (drums) shortly after, started dating 4 years ago, and broke up this summer. The song is about remembering that beneath the hurt, sadness, and pain that can overcome friendships and relationships, there’s always love at the core and if you're careful and committed, it's possible to preserve that love even if it's in a different form.

Director Ryan Brough captured that spirit in the accompanying video which premiered Monday on Indie88 - it’s basically a dream scrapbook from this past summer and the wonderful roller coaster that is our band family.

Sonically, Remember Now is a major turning point in the evolution of our sound, thanks largely to the production and mixing talents of Derek Hoffman (The Elwins, The Flatliners). Derek really nailed the heartbeat of our band and for the first time made our recording feel as explosive and dynamic as our live show is."

Upcoming Tour Dates:

Nov 24 - Guelph @ DSTRCT

Dec 1 - Windsor @ Phog Lounge

Dec 2 - Uxbridge @ Wixan’s Bridge

Dec 8 - Toronto @ Bovine Sex Club

Dec 9 - Montreal @ L’Escogriffe

Genre : rock

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