New songs -The Weakness and, Go! Go! Go! by ALGO

2018-04-09 17:49:20 UTC

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Born in the small city of Tours, the Parisian artist has managed to make his project grow and change live show after live show, putting out two EPs under the name “A Light Goes Out”. A lover of orchestral pop and lush, meticulous arrangements à la Belle & Sebastian or Neil Hannon, Sylvain has enriched his compositions through the magic of musical encounters over the years. From a string trio to a brass one, from an acoustic, pared-down formula to a rock ensemble, ALGO has worn many costumes in order to serve the baroque ambitions of this small but big-hearted pop. The last two years have been a ballet between “I” and “We”, finally turning ALGO into a family of strings, horns, drums and guitars taking to the stage and the studio.

NEXT SHOW : Showcase on Saturday, April 28 at the Passerelle.2, Paris XI

Track List

  • The Weakness
  • Go! Go! Go!

Genre : pop

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