Review for 52 by Orellana

2018-01-19 04:05:59 UTC

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Orellana is the Cinematic Post-Rock project of Martyn Jackson. 

In 2013 Jackson released his debut album "Home" under his own name, and since then has worked in various other projects from fronting a metal band to composing for TV. After playing only a handful of shows to support the release of "Home", Jackson decided to take a break from writing Post-Rock to focus more on neo-classical composition minimalist piano pieces. This resulted in the release of Bedroom Ghosts, an collection of short piano pieces based around repetition and simplicity melodies.

In late 2016 Jackson decided to combine both Post-Rock and his minimalist piano pieces to create his next full length album "52".

Orellana is a neo-classical/post-rock collective hailing from Bristol, UK. Their new album “52”, released in late December, brought in the new year with it’s explosive and intricate sound. The project’s music transcends genre definitions in order to focus on a broad, diverse concept that is more emotional than tangible. This particular release is full of rich and diverse arrangements, but it is also a powerful exercise in minimalism, one that showcases the strength of very few notes placed in the right spots. The simplicity of the arrangement is actually one of the strongest aspects of this entire release: there’s a palpable stillness created by the long, drone notes in the background, which almost makes you feel like the world is happening in slow motion. When the chords and notes change, it feels quite monumental due to the beautiful contrast between the stillness of the background textures and the expressive sound of the guitar-based melodies.

“Waterbirth” is the first track on the album, and it begins with haunting cinematic melodies on a carpet of lush drones and textures. As the name suggests, this number flows into a great crescendo, and then it blooms with powerful and vigorous harmonies that are reminiscent of contemporary post-rock artists such as "This Will Destroy You" or "Explosion In The Sky", among others. This track serves as a perfect opening number, allowing listeners to dive into the aesthetics of the record fully.

“I See You ft. Mahesh Raghunandan” is another stand-out track from this release, as it takes the listeners into a more ethereal and melancholic plane. This track defies the expectation of listeners, as instead of being another purely instrumental track, it features vocals, due to the contribution of Mahesh Raghundan. The singer’s delicate tone makes for a truly special vibe. The song sounds similar to the dreamy otherworldly style of artists such as “Sigur Ros”, where the same minimalistic approach reaches new heights and depths.

“Is That ... You?” is a great closing number a tune that echoes the immense sonic experience of bands such as “Mono” or “Mogwai”. This song is a stirring and moving end to this multi- layered and complex sonic experience.

Check out the “52” on Orellana’s Bandcamp, where you can listen to the album for free, or “name your price” to download it and get exclusive bonus tracks!

Track List

  • 1.Waterbirth 05:49
  • 2.Beautiful Youth 05:55
  • 3.Stay 04:37
  • 4.Still Waters Run Deep 05:06
  • 5.I See You ft. Mahesh Raghunandan 06:37
  • 6.Perseverance 09:30
  • 7.Hold 06:42
  • 8.Is That ... You? 07:01

Genre : alternative, ambient, cinematic, instrumental, orchestral, post-rock

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