New single "Penniless Fools" by Jessicka

2018-05-29 05:17:40 UTC


The SirensSound presents, the new single and video “Penniless Fools" by Jessicka.

" It all started surrounding a visual of an abandoned desert motel. A sort of glamorized death of The American Dream. Then I thought of how I was seeing this mega mall, dollar store culture shut down so many cherished small businesses in my hometown. The nature of it all is so cyclical, the less our jobs pay the less we can afford to pay for our lives. This song ended up being an ode to the people working so hard to eke out a living just to maybe get that one vacation from the grind.

I describe the themes in my music as coming of age mixed with coming to terms with reality. My lyrics can get heady and dark, so I like matching them with propulsive rhythms and sharp hooks, letting my left-of-center influences combine with my love of pop music."

Genre : pop

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New single "Songs of Blue" by Running Red Lights

2018-05-28 23:21:48 UTC

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The SirensSound presents the brand new single "Songs of Blue" by Running Red Lights. “Songs of Blue” is the first single off their forthcoming, sophomore record "I Am You".

‘When I was fifteen, I had a high school boyfriend whose mother was a free-spirited, unconventional and lenient single parent who would often leave us unattended with her impressive collection of classic albums. Upon her departure, we had a custom of randomly selecting an album and listening while we laid together on the sofa. One day we selected Joni Mitchell’s ‘Blue’, and at that moment, that voice and those chords, my passion for songwriting began. Her songs went straight to the marrow of my heart. When the flighty love between me and my high school boyfriend dissolved, and all the subsequent broken hearts that followed, Joni Mitchell was always there, inviting me to be sad but promising that life would go on. It’s in the memory of those assailable and heartsick moments I so often shared with Joni, that ‘Songs of Blue’ was written’. -


Genre : pop

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New album "Righteous Woman" by For Esmé

2018-05-28 23:08:40 UTC

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Righteous Woman is a feminist awakening and excavation of the voices within, repositioning the multitudes of womanhood, to push back against the patriarchy, to offer the possibility of living on one's own terms.

"With Righteous Woman I wanted to explore the themes of trying to be a modern, progressive and open-minded woman and all the challenges that come along with that a life approach that has proved again to often feel isolating. Lots of folks seem pretty cozy with the status quo."

For Esmé

Track List

  • To Love - 03:05 
  • I Never Learn - 04:05 
  • Small Talk - 04:03 
  • To Hate - 04:01 
  • Secret Church - 02:19 
  • For Others - 04:09 
  • Doubtmouth - 04:25 
  • Modern Love - 03:29 
  • Didn't Ask - 04:27 
  • Asleep / Awake - 02:33

Genre : art, pop, dance, electro, electro-organic, electronic, indie, Toronto

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Brand new track "Heaven" by Maci DeBlanc

2018-05-24 04:57:34 UTC

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Maci DeBlanc has a bit of an odd musical background. Started with classical piano when she was 8, added drumming into the mix when she was 12 and started playing guitar about a year ago for good measure. She grew up playing in all sorts of bands, ranging from acoustic to metal. A few years ago Maci became interested in electronic music, and she decided to focus more on her songwriting. That mishmash of a musical background is what led to her music sounding the way it does today.

"My songs are deeply personal to me, so I've been pretty shy about them in the past. I'm a brand new solo pop artist. I write, record, and produce all of my music in my living room. I only have two songs out so far, Heaven and Criss Cross. They both mean a lot to me. Criss Cross is about the emotional struggles that I went through after a sexual assault when I was young, and Heaven is about an abusive relationship."

Genre : pop

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New video Nora (Naked) by Orouni

2018-05-23 06:51:34 UTC

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“Nora (Naked)”, inspired by Ibsen’s A Doll’s House, is a song about women’s empowerment. In the video, the lead role is played by French-British artist Emma Broughton (Bon Iver, Lisa Hannigan). The drummer for Melody’s Echo Chamber and Halo Maud, aka Stéphane Bellity, plays Nora’s husband. Photography by Julia Borel.

Genre : pop

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Review for the new EP "I Wanna Be Exploited" by Tommy Red

A combination of retro aesthetics, enduring lyrics and alt-rock grit. The best music happens when artists refuse to remain stuck in their own comfort zones and creative boxes. Whenever this happens, they are free to give full range to their vision, and they can really come up with something that’s groundbreaking and personable. This is certainly the case here with Tommy Red and his brand new EP release, “I Wanna Be Exploited.”


Dream within a Dream by Marva Von Theo

Marva Von Theo is an Electropop / Synthwave duo formed in 2016 by the Athens-based singer-songwriter Marva Voulgari and the Vienna-based composer-producer Theo Foinidis. Their Debut Album “Dream within a Dream” was released early in 2018. The 12 songs on their Album, lean towards an electronic sound that incorporates a variety of influences ranging from the music of the 80’s until today. Darkwave sounds, Jazz harmonies, Rock and Dance drum beats resonate together and mature into something darkly romantic.



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